Weekly Challenges: High Five and Shattuck

This will be another quickie post because I really do have a lot of work to do. But I got some ZIAs scanned and I really want to post them.

Made By Joey Weekly Challenge 105

Made By Joey Challenge: High Five

I liked this one, and I appreciated the silly pun in the challenge name! I hadn’t used any of the assigned tangles before, and I liked them pretty well. They were:

Puf: This one was tough for me to figure out and I had to really, really slow myself down to do it right. The grid I ended up using was kind of wacky, but I like the effect. I discovered a cool zeppelin shape if you have a sort of rectangle in the middle of the Greek key shape and have the Xs meet at the corners instead of the middle. I also figured out that I had to do each leg of the x separately to have any hope of getting it to work right. Once I got it all figured out, I loved how the final effect looks nothing like what you start with.

Coil: This one I will definitely use again. I love how these elaborate designs can be made from such simple strokes and how much variety you can put into it. I figured out pretty quickly that I wanted to use coil for columns — a thick one in the middle and two thinner ones on the sides. In the middle one, I used the variation with a pole in the middle and striped the pole Btl Joos style. For the coiling part, I decorated it with Stricles. The outer columns have a little bit of Yincut and Knightsbridge on the orbs.

Pais: Okay, so this is one of those leafy/curly ones that I don’t really like all that much, but I feel like I’m getting better at them. I like how it looks with the bit of Tipple in between the layers and surrounding it. Also, the tangles between the columns are meant to be a sort of hybrid between this pattern and Vache 1

Diva Challenge 260:

Diva Challenge 260

The challenge here is a monotangle on Shattuck. I remember sketching this one out a while back, looking at what I got and thinking, “no, that’s not right.” So I’m glad I got challenged to attempt it again. Also, the tangle is featured in Mandala Zentangle by CZT Jane Marbaix , which I picked up at the Half-Price Books flagship store in Dallas last weekend. Her book influenced the shape of this ZIA as well, with the suggestion of using an apple corer slicer as a template for a Zendala. The shapes this creates seemed a perfect match for this tangle, and I like how it turned out.

I think I could have done a little more with the tangle, but I like what I came up with, mostly. Shattuck within a circle frame doesn’t work exactly right, but it at least makes a good background. I like the big variation going on in the wings, and I think it works well with the striping and the Tipple beads. I also like the crinkly variation that’s in the main circle. The spiral-ended thing was a good idea, but it didn’t work exactly the way I wanted it to. I’ll have to give it another go some time.


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