Diva and Joey Challenges

Man, what a week.

All week it’s been either raining or looking like it’s about to rain. Today (Friday) and tomorrow are the only days in the next two weeks that didn’t have rain forecast. Welcome to Spring, Texas style.

And speaking of Springs, here’s my ZIA for Diva’s most recent challenge:

Diva Challenge 264

Did I go a little overboard with it? Probably. But it was fun. For the string, I started by tracing the lid to one of my kids’ snack cups in 4 interlocking circles, then drew a freehand loopy spiral running through it. The result was the sort of wild double spiral thing I think I ended up with.

The Tangles:

BB Okay, weird tangent — This is one of the first tangles I taught myself way back a couple of months ago. Later, when I read the description on TanglePatterns I was surprised to see it described as looking like “a picket fence gone wild.” I’d always pictured it as an uneven string of disc-shaped beads seen from the side. Interesting the different tricks perspective will get you when it comes to tangles.


Btl Joos

La Bel When I copied this one out the first time, I wasn’t real careful with my handwriting and spent a while wondering why this tangle was called “label.” I added a little hook thing to it to make little tear drop shapes.


Organic This one didn’t come out quite like I wanted it to — the colored in part is supposed to look like a hole the leaves are coming out of — I didn’t get that this time.




Vache 1


And now on to

Joey Challenge 109: Roman Numeral IX

Joey Challenge 109
Joey Challenge: Roman Numeral IX

Seven tangles suggested this one, and I think I used all of them. My Kewpie doll can be sent to my office at UT Arlington, in Carlisle Hall. These sere a good mix of ones I’d never used and ones that I consider some of my favorites. They are:

Betweed One of my favorites

Demi My first time using this one. To add a little interest, I turned the striping around on it.

Gingham Truth in advertising on this one.

Mei Meh.

Mooka Gotta admit that this isn’t one of my faves. Still, I think I managed to do okay with it.

Ragz Another one I really like. This would be a fun one to monotangle some time.

Zinger I must admit that I had scoffed at this one a bit. Aren’t tangles supposed to be non-representational, thereby disqualifying ones that are pretty much just pictures of flowers? But I ended up having more fun than I expected drawing it.






Diva and Joey Challenges

Hello again! As I’ve mentioned previously (not to rub it in, Canadianians), it’s spring in North Texas, which means that the weather has no idea what it’s going to be from one moment to the next. I’m about ready to bust out my collection of Aloha shirts (I own over two dozen), but I’m worried that if I do it will trigger a snowstorm.

Last weekend I went with my family and my in-laws to Scarborough Renaissance Festival in Waxahachie. It’s only about an hour or so drive from where I live to there, but when you’re travelling with three kids, an hour drive might as well be three days, so we booked a room and stayed the night.On the way in we noticed a patch of bluebonnet on the side of the highway next to the hotel and decided that we would take the traditional “kids in bluebonnets” picture. I’ve lived in Texas my whole life — and almost 6 years with kids — but I don’t think I’ve ever taken the classic photo until then:


The kids are (from left to right and pseudonymously) Vader, age almost 4; Princess Lala, 2 1/2; and DK, almost 6. Here’s a picture of the boys in their kilts at the Ren faire:


Anyway, enough about my adorable children who are never, ever any sort of stress in my life.

Diva’s Challenge 263 was a lot of fun and I’m pretty happy with what I came up with. I’ve been on a Zendala kick lately and it was awesome to use a whole-circle grid like this:


Okay, so the picture quality is not great. I’ll try to replace it with a good one next time I’m near a scanner.


Knightsbridge makes a good border for this, I think. Once I had that laid in, I blocked off sections of the remaining grid for other grid-based tangles such as

Pand which is such a fun pattern to play around with

Dex A nice 3d-effect one

B’Twined Remarkably easy for how awesome it looks

Butter Apparently the work of a six year old!


Zonked which didn’t turn out quite as I’d hoped

Exis Another highly adaptable one

Yincut Because of course Yincut.

Joey’s Roman Numeral VII challenge was also fun. I went the Zendala route with this one as well:


The tangles:

N’Zeppel is one of the first tangles I learned and great for filling up big spaces. I used the globular grid pattern suggested in Diva’s challenge, but the edges were too distorted to use — so I converted those into a random sort of grid, which I think worked well with this pattern.

Marnie I think I did right. I used two different variations of it and I think either one looks pretty cool.

Crescent Moon


Ando which is a brand new tangle. I wasn’t sure I’d like it, but I gave it a shot and I actually did get into it

Ping another fairly new one that’s a lot of fun to draw

X-ess I don’t know if I totally got what I was going for on this one, but it looks alright to me.


Diva Challenge #262

Happy April, everyone! I’m sure all of you people living in Canadia and other cold places will appreciate that here in Texas it’s pretty much been spring since February. Actually, we pretty much didn’t have a winter here. Maybe that’s not a great thing? Anyway, the weather’s been pretty nice except for when we’ve had our typical springtime apocalyptic thunderstorms.

None of this is at all relevant to Diva’s most recent challenge.

When I saw that the challenge this week was to use the tangle Fassett, which is one of my favorites. I got to it right away:

Diva Challenge 262
Diva Challenge 262: Fassett

So everything in here is Fassett or some variation thereof. I started with a coffee-can circle and Tanglepatterns.com string 185. I picked it at random but I couldn’t have picked a better string myself, I think. The border is actually Ing with the triangles filled with Fasset. The top left of the circle is pretty much straight-ahead Fassett with random triangles. Moving clockwise from there, I have a rounded triangle in which I attempted some sort of Paradox/Fassett hybrid (Parasset? Fassadox?). Above and to the left of it is a ribbon of Fasset with randomly placed little triangles. This one didn’t quite end up like I’d wanted. Below the Parafassedoxett triangle is a ribbon of Fassett’s cousin Phroz. Then there’s a series of circles with 4, 6, and 8 triangles of Fassett — filling circles is fun. To the left of that is a grid-based Fassett tangle. I’ll be honest: I switched from small triangles to big ones primarily because I got tired of drawing all those tiny triangles.

The pyramid thing at the bottom center is actually something I made up myself. I haven’t done enough research to decide it’s really a new tangle, but it’s something that happened when I was drawing Phroz once — the blocks showed up when I was part way through drawing it and the fill brought out the 3d effect, I think. Since it’s based on Phroz and it reminds me of the board for Q*Bert I call it “Phro-bert.” Here’s the original version that I drew:

Original Tangle(?) Phrobert

Some Challenges

It hasn’t been a great week. Or really, March. There’s a lot in my head right now I’d like to blog about, but I’m just going to go straight to the challenges of the Zentangle kind and maybe talk about some personal challenges later.

First off, I’ve discovered a new set of challenges at the blog of Diane and Carolien who have set a series of weekly alphabetical challenges — each week is a set of three letters, so it’s a fair bit like what I’ve been doing with my Tangle Saxon thing. Before I get to my Joey Challenge, here’s a few that I’ve come up with:

T, P, D

This is a Zendala traced around a coffee can and using Tanglepatterns String #201

Tangles used:


Diva Dance

Double Ds There are a lot of possibilities with this one, I can tell. But still.. I mean, is the name meant to be a boob joke?


Phicops This is my first attempt at Phicops and it didn’t come out quite how I wanted, but it intrigues me — it’s kind of like an advanced version of Angelfish/Aquafleur.





Tangles used:

Linq You’ll notice that all of the linqs are tangled within, and I’m pretty sure all of them are L,Z, or Y tangles.


Zander These are two of my absolute favorite tangles.


Zendala traced around a coffee can, using Tanglepatterns String 202

Tangles used




Angelfish with just a touch of Aquafleur — Angelfleur or Aquafish (Aquaman’s least popular sidekick) or maybe fleurfish.

Falz, which was totally supposed to be Xenso except I got mixed up looking at the pattern page



Made By Joey Challenge #106

Joey’s Roman Numeral VI challenge forwent assigning tangles. After flirting with the idea of using the letters V, I, and the number 6, I decided to meet two challenges at one and used the letter F, U, N as my guide. I used Sharpie ultra-fine tipped markers to color in the accents, but now they look kind of washed out.

Tangles used: 







Okay, and I’m way too tired to go on much more about this right now. Good night, all.