Weekly Challenges!

Good morning! This is going to be a quickie post: it’s Spring Break for me as a college teacher (yay!) and also for my kindergartner (um… yay?) who has been extra wild of course (um… not yay?) and oh yeah, he and his younger brother and sister have been slightly and mysteriously ill. Oh, and I’m going to a con this weekend (yay!) and am not remotely ready (oh). So you guys are spared my rambling tangsplanations … for now…

Joey’s Weekly Challenge 104


This is based on a tilted Roman Numeral IV. The biggest challenge for me was the 4Mom, which to be honest I still don’t totally get. I confess that I had a couple of false starts on it (Now I’m planning on doing some “Tangle Rescue” attempts. It’s inside the V. 4 Corners was a lot more fun for me — I think I’ve got the right the right patters of dots to make petals look good. 4Fun I’ve done before and I really like it. Elsewhere I have Palrevo  which I only recently discovered — it’s a variation with circles in the corners instead of squares — and also the new tangle Ping.

Diva’s Challenge #259: Touch of Irish


I actually have a lot to say about this one but I don’t have the time, so here is the short version: I decided to base this on the legend of St. Patrick using the clover (3 leaf, not 4) as an exemplum for the Trinity. The outer circle is traced around a Danish Butter Cookies tin; the inner circles are the inside of a roll of masking tape. The letters represent “Pater, Filius, Spiritus Sanctus,” or “Father, Son, Holy Spirit,” the persons of the Trinity according to Christian theology, and are adapted from this image.

I have a lot more to say about this piece having to do with my feelings about religion, theology, complexity, cultural appropriation, and my Sharpie set I got for my birthday, but I don’t have the time, so I’ll just leave it at this and maybe come back to it later to overexplain things a bit.