Diva’s Weekly Challenge 256


Weekly Challenge #1

Well, here it is: my first attempt at the Diva’s Weekly Challenge. This challenge was a duotangle with two of her original Tangles, Boo*Kee and Artoo.

I have to admit that I wasn’t originally taken with either of these, but once I got a sense of the possibilities for variation on Boo*Kee I started really having fun with it. As for Artoo — well, for whatever reason I can never seem to get leaves just right. Still, I think I managed to do some creative things with it.

This is ZIA, not an actual piece of Zentangle art. I used a full page; for the string, I started with a tribute to the two tangles: it’s a series of orbs with leaves sticking out. I decorated the leaves with Boo*Kee and the orbs with Artoo. I also snuck a couple of my other favorite tangles in. I hope that’s not cheating? Anyway, here it is.