Tangle-Saxon Runes, cont.

I want to apologize for that horrible pun. No I don’t: I never apologize for puns. Read here for an introduction to this project; I want to post some runes!

Rune #4: ᚩ [o], Os, “deity”

Old English Runes #4: Os

“Os” is a peculiar rune: in its oldest form, it referred to a specific ancient Germanic deity; in other contexts it was used to represent another god, Odin. The Christian poet of the Old English Rune poem substituted “mouth” from the Latin, although the verse would make more sense if it referred to a deity.

Unlike Ur and Thorn, the transliteration of Os — o — has a lot of tangleated representation.  Starting from the bottom, you have Omen, fancied up with a number of variations including some Cadent-like touches. I’ve found that pretty much anything can be accented with S shapes.The chain of bug/eye things is Ojo, which crosses over a panel of (o) before wrapping around a bent column of Ovy. On the left is the ever-useful Onamata and some Organic, which ended up looking like cool butterfly things. Topping it all off is some Oybay, another good organic-looking one.

I know it’s not considered polite to boast, but when you spend a lot of your day combating relentless negative self-talk, you earn the right to crow a bit: I think this tangle looks damn good.

Rune #5: ᚱ [r], Rad, “ride”

Old English Runes #5: Rad

Okay, I maybe went a little overboard with this one, but it was fun. Up top is Rysa, whose name makes me think of the Fantasy Island planet from Star Trek. Inside of that, I snuck some Roscoe. To the left is Riki-Tiki and oh great, now I have that song stuck in my head, along with a bit of Ragz and some Ripple. And then for the crazy: I decided that River would be a natural fit, and I decided I could have some ink flowing out of the Ripple to feed the river. This may or may not have started to cover up some unplanned penwork in the Ripple; I honestly don’t remember. Then once I discovered how crazy easy and cool Rixty was, I went pretty wild with it and soon there were tributaries all over the place. Good times, good times.