Weekly Challenges

As well as weekly challenges of challenging weeks…

Today was just exhausting. While getting ready for church, my youngest, Princess Lala (2 1/2 years going on 17) went into full meltdown mode while we tried to get her dressed (she turned into sweet little porcelain angel as soon as she got to Sunday School, of course). Then in the middle of service, almost-6-year-old DK went into one of his epic meltdowns. I’m glad I’m part of a supportive, loving congregation where I don’t feel obligated to die of shame when I have to literally hold my son’s arms back while he screams at me. This tantrum lasted almost all the way through lunch, at which point he finally gave up. Vader, my very zen almost-4-year-old didn’t join his siblings in meltdownville although he was pretty whiny most of the evening. Oh, and this is on top of the grading that I’m barely keeping up with (semester is almost over…) and the fact that I might have gotten into an e-mail fight with a Shakespeare truther (I swear I’m not kidding: I’ll probably post something about it if anything comes of it). I’m glad I had some tangling to take the edge off of things a bit, personally.

Diva’s Challenge

Diva Challenge 265
Diva Challenge: Stripes

So the challenge this time was “stripes” which is nicely vague. I decided three things pretty quickly: 1) I’d do a Zendala 2) I wanted to use something resembling tiger stripes and 3) I wanted to avoid using traditional “ribbon-type” tangles. I think I got the effect I was going for with the stripes. The tangles, working roughly from left to right:

Zuan Shi Hadn’t used it before, but it’s a good, basic filler

Sez same with this

N’zeppel Everytime I use this I think, “am I overusing this tangle?” then I laugh because of course I’m not overusing it.

3-d Room Man, do you know how great it is to have another numerical tangle for when you’re doing an “letters/numbers” challenge?

Hollinbaugh Frame This ended up looking more Lovecraftian than I had intended

Farling I love this one but I don’t use it much because it always seems to take up so much space.


Dragonair An trick question if you ever get drawn into a “Tangle or Pokemon?” quiz: it’s both.

Joey’s Challenge


KIC Image 6
Joey Challenge 110

[ETA: Ack! where did my text go? I swear I had a whole paragraph here. Anyway, the important part, the part that goes with the link that is still there, is that I call that tangelation of Diva Dance “Diva Rondo ala Turk”…]


And here’s my inspiration for it


Diva and Joey Challenges

Hello again! As I’ve mentioned previously (not to rub it in, Canadianians), it’s spring in North Texas, which means that the weather has no idea what it’s going to be from one moment to the next. I’m about ready to bust out my collection of Aloha shirts (I own over two dozen), but I’m worried that if I do it will trigger a snowstorm.

Last weekend I went with my family and my in-laws to Scarborough Renaissance Festival in Waxahachie. It’s only about an hour or so drive from where I live to there, but when you’re travelling with three kids, an hour drive might as well be three days, so we booked a room and stayed the night.On the way in we noticed a patch of bluebonnet on the side of the highway next to the hotel and decided that we would take the traditional “kids in bluebonnets” picture. I’ve lived in Texas my whole life — and almost 6 years with kids — but I don’t think I’ve ever taken the classic photo until then:


The kids are (from left to right and pseudonymously) Vader, age almost 4; Princess Lala, 2 1/2; and DK, almost 6. Here’s a picture of the boys in their kilts at the Ren faire:


Anyway, enough about my adorable children who are never, ever any sort of stress in my life.

Diva’s Challenge 263 was a lot of fun and I’m pretty happy with what I came up with. I’ve been on a Zendala kick lately and it was awesome to use a whole-circle grid like this:


Okay, so the picture quality is not great. I’ll try to replace it with a good one next time I’m near a scanner.


Knightsbridge makes a good border for this, I think. Once I had that laid in, I blocked off sections of the remaining grid for other grid-based tangles such as

Pand which is such a fun pattern to play around with

Dex A nice 3d-effect one

B’Twined Remarkably easy for how awesome it looks

Butter Apparently the work of a six year old!


Zonked which didn’t turn out quite as I’d hoped

Exis Another highly adaptable one

Yincut Because of course Yincut.

Joey’s Roman Numeral VII challenge was also fun. I went the Zendala route with this one as well:


The tangles:

N’Zeppel is one of the first tangles I learned and great for filling up big spaces. I used the globular grid pattern suggested in Diva’s challenge, but the edges were too distorted to use — so I converted those into a random sort of grid, which I think worked well with this pattern.

Marnie I think I did right. I used two different variations of it and I think either one looks pretty cool.

Crescent Moon


Ando which is a brand new tangle. I wasn’t sure I’d like it, but I gave it a shot and I actually did get into it

Ping another fairly new one that’s a lot of fun to draw

X-ess I don’t know if I totally got what I was going for on this one, but it looks alright to me.