I Am the Diva Weekly Challenge #257

Diva’s Weekly Challenge #247

This challenge sent me in a new direction: color. The challenge was to incorporate “metal” into a tangle; the way that made the most sense to me was to use metallic colors. As it happens, I got a Star Wars art kit to share with my family for Christmas. I was hoping to get my kids (ages 5, 3, and 2) involved in this one, and I still hope to do so eventually but for now I’m presenting what I have so far. I basically started with Zenbud (which I absolutely love) then garnished it with a few tangles (specifically Purk, Heartline, Cadent, Bookee, and Fracas), then colored it using metallic markers, colored pencils, and one crayon. So here it is!

While I’m here, I have a question for the community, if that’s okay: is there an acceptable way to shamelessly self-promote ones own blog? I know it’s not okay to submit a challenge with the sole purpose of getting views, and I’m guessing that posting “Hey, look what I did!” in the comments all the time is frowned upon? Are there open threads for that kind of thing? Any helpful hints would be appreciated. Apologies if this paragraph comes across at a surreptitious form of self-promotion; I really would like to know and I promise I’m not just trying to surreptitiously lure in visitors.