Challenges Accepted

Made By Joey Challenge 114

Roman Numeral XIV

As I understand it, this is the penultimate Joey Roman Numeral challenge. But hey, I can always continue them: it’s not like I’ll run out of Roman Numerals, although it will probably be hard to string something like MDCCCLXXII.

I decided pretty quickly that the big spaces above and below the numeral should be great big barber poles, then it was pretty easy to decide on barber poling the rest of the string as well. I tried a variety of patterns for the poles — not certain how well it worked, but it was interesting. There’s also Bunzo and Shattuck — both of these are ones I initially had a really hard time with but have really enjoyed now that I have the hang of it. There were two new-to-me background tangles — Papyrus and Cheesecloth. I like the look of Cheesecloth but I’m not so sure I enjoyed drawing MDCCCLXXII teeny tiny lines. Also, the Cadent didn’t show up quite as well as I would have liked.

Diva Challenge 269

Diva Challenge 269: Ellish

Before I talk about this ZIA, I want to introduce you to my daughter. She’s the youngest of my three kids, two and a half years old. We call her “Lala.” There is no way I could describe how incredible she is: she’s bright, funny, self-confident, smart. Here are some representative conversations with her:

Me: “Good morning, little lady!”
Her: “Me not little lady! Me just Lala!”
“Okay, good morning Just Lala.”
“Me not Just Lala me just…Lala.”

Her: “I’m a puppy! Woof woof!”
Me: “Woof woof.”
Her: “Daddy, you’re not a puppy: you’re a bee!”

Anyway, since this new tangle is based on the letter “L,” I figured it would be fun to play around with the name “Lala.” So the ribbon at the bottom is a tangelation on Eke with a cursive “l” and “a.” I also tangleated “Ix” with the Anglo-Saxon runes “lagu” (l) and “Ac” (a). Speaking of which, at some point I really should post the rest of my Tangle-Saxon things. I’ve also got something — to be honest, I don’t know what it is — with “lala” in cursive with auras around it.

The centerpiece is, of course, the new tangle Ellish which I think its pretty groovy. I played around with a couple of variations on it. The description of the tangle calls it “Betweedy,” which I don’t really see, but I put in a little Betweedy something in it. It reminds me more of Auraknot, so I did one of those. Oh, and I tried to do a straight-line version of it below the main Ellish. It did not work the way I’d planned, but it’s something I may work on.



Weekly Challenges: High Five and Shattuck

This will be another quickie post because I really do have a lot of work to do. But I got some ZIAs scanned and I really want to post them.

Made By Joey Weekly Challenge 105

Made By Joey Challenge: High Five

I liked this one, and I appreciated the silly pun in the challenge name! I hadn’t used any of the assigned tangles before, and I liked them pretty well. They were:

Puf: This one was tough for me to figure out and I had to really, really slow myself down to do it right. The grid I ended up using was kind of wacky, but I like the effect. I discovered a cool zeppelin shape if you have a sort of rectangle in the middle of the Greek key shape and have the Xs meet at the corners instead of the middle. I also figured out that I had to do each leg of the x separately to have any hope of getting it to work right. Once I got it all figured out, I loved how the final effect looks nothing like what you start with.

Coil: This one I will definitely use again. I love how these elaborate designs can be made from such simple strokes and how much variety you can put into it. I figured out pretty quickly that I wanted to use coil for columns — a thick one in the middle and two thinner ones on the sides. In the middle one, I used the variation with a pole in the middle and striped the pole Btl Joos style. For the coiling part, I decorated it with Stricles. The outer columns have a little bit of Yincut and Knightsbridge on the orbs.

Pais: Okay, so this is one of those leafy/curly ones that I don’t really like all that much, but I feel like I’m getting better at them. I like how it looks with the bit of Tipple in between the layers and surrounding it. Also, the tangles between the columns are meant to be a sort of hybrid between this pattern and Vache 1

Diva Challenge 260:

Diva Challenge 260

The challenge here is a monotangle on Shattuck. I remember sketching this one out a while back, looking at what I got and thinking, “no, that’s not right.” So I’m glad I got challenged to attempt it again. Also, the tangle is featured in Mandala Zentangle by CZT Jane Marbaix , which I picked up at the Half-Price Books flagship store in Dallas last weekend. Her book influenced the shape of this ZIA as well, with the suggestion of using an apple corer slicer as a template for a Zendala. The shapes this creates seemed a perfect match for this tangle, and I like how it turned out.

I think I could have done a little more with the tangle, but I like what I came up with, mostly. Shattuck within a circle frame doesn’t work exactly right, but it at least makes a good background. I like the big variation going on in the wings, and I think it works well with the striping and the Tipple beads. I also like the crinkly variation that’s in the main circle. The spiral-ended thing was a good idea, but it didn’t work exactly the way I wanted it to. I’ll have to give it another go some time.